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Pipeline transport is the transportation of goods or material through a pipeline. Natural gas transmission pipelines are wide-diameter pipelines which are often the long-distance portion of natural gas pipeline systems that connect gathering systems in producing areas, natural gas processing plants, other receipt points, and the main consumer service areas. When natural gas arrives at the communities where it will be used (usually through large pipelines), it flows into smaller diameter pipelines called mains and then into smaller service lines that go directly to homes or buildings. Our pipeline services include laying pipeline, specialized trenching, maintenance, rehabilitation, locating, surveying, testing and repairing leaks in transmission/distribution lines.


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The Natural Gas Production, Transmission and Distribution System

One of the most important components of the natural gas transport system is the compressor station. These stations perform the essential task of compressing natural gas as it travels through pipelines. It is this compression which allows the gas to continue flowing through the pipe and eventually to its final destination for distribution to refineries and other end users. Compressor stations enable the natural gas itself to travel through the pipelines which is crucial to the natural gas transport system. They also allow the gas to be rerouted into storage areas during periods of low demand. In addition, compressor stations are often accompanied by PIG launchers and PIG receivers which are vital for the maintenance and efficiency of the pipeline. They even include many safety features allowing the pipeline and station to function safely.

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Directional boring, commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipe, conduit, or cable in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area.

Protecting and improving the environment is a top priority for natural gas and pipeline companies. Bennett Construction is dedicated to protecting our environment.

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Hydrostatic pressure testing is generally used for the post-construction testing of hazardous liquid pipelines and higher stress (> 30% SMYS) natural gas pipelines. Hydrostatic testing is also widely used to periodically assess the integrity of hazardous liquid and gas transmission pipelines (particularly when the use of inline inspection tools is not feasible). The hydrocarbon products are displaced from the section or sections being tested and replaced with water in order to minimize environmental damage that might result from leaks or ruptures.

Bennett Construction will test your systems then, if necessary, we will restore your systems. Restoration will occur for damaged and/or weakened pressure pipelines and pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes (PCCP), as well as the proactive renewal of critical pipeline segments. Our repair options include state-of-the-art materials which provide engineered value through short construction windows and little to no disruption to operations and traffic patterns.

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Bennett Construction provides all facets of dirt work; from pipelines to road construction, our company has a large diversified portfolio.

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